AutoPlus Palm V7.0
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Palm Screen

Main Menu screen serves as home base for the AutoPlus Palm software.

Note: The Scan Inventory button is used to perform a monthly Inventory Survey using the barcode scanner.

Palm Screen

Primary data entry screen.
Enter dealer code, stock #, and Vin #.
Software will decode Yr, Make, Model, Trim, Engine.

You may also enter Mileage, Warranty, Color, Price, Internet Price.
Then click Continue.

Palm Screen
Palm Screen Palm Screen

These are option screens. Our VIN Decoding will pre-check equipment from the internal database. You may un-check
or check additional items.*

At the top of the screen are the jump buttons (8, 10, 12, 14, 16) that link directly to additional data screens, and the Stock No.(1234B) Bottom left are the total number of items selected (36).

When your are finished, click "Save". All of the option screens and equipment items may be customized by the user.

Palm Screen
Review Vehicle Data
View the primary data screen for previously entered vehicles.
Palm Screen

Customize your Equipment Options list
Use the Equipment Library button to customize option screens and equipment items.

*For faster VIN decoding we recommend the newer Palms using an ARM based microprocessor.
Any digital camera (including Palm cameras) can be used with AutoPlus software.

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