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AutoPlus Express
The used car business is booming! Because of the strong economy there should be a great opportunity to expand your business. Go out and make sales calls on local dealerships now! Listen to what they want and then give it to them. We have been doing window stickers for over 16 years now and there has never been greater opportunities. Build your future now! Just do it!

Great Potential
There are thousands of used cars for sale in your area. Dealerships purchase and trade for more vehicles every day. Most dealerships do not print their own stickers! But you must go out and tell them about your business.

Low Overhead
No franchise fees, no royalties, and no leases! You can offer our Internet inventory at a very low cost to you. We make it easy. If you need more information, just call Larry at AutoPlus.

Most Advanced System
Only AutoPlus Express has VIN decoding, Palm automation, AutoLink12 photo naming, automated Internet features and Dealer Access offering the best combination of speed, accuracy, flexibility and control! We have printed more custom designs than any other company, over 4,000! You can even customize blank forms on-the-fly using your printer and AutoPlus software. Only AutoPlus offers you a choice of stickers for the inside and outside of the vehicle!

Internet Inventory Services
Upload inventory data and multi-photos to the dealerships' web sites or let us set up your own Auto Mall using our automated service. It's simple!

Free Assistance
If you have questions or need support you can call us anytime! After normal hours always leave a message and we will get back to you.

Tip 1: Did you know that the letters, I, O, and Q are never used in VIN numbers? If you try to use them AutoPlus will tell you that the VIN is invalid or give you another error message. AutoPlus will not accept a bad VIN number!

Tip 2: You should use extreme caution before deleting any files in the C:\apexpress\ folder.
All of the files in this folder are required including the several *.jpg files.

Tip 3: Set your preferences in Windows Explorer to view full file names and full details.
This can be done in the Tools-Folder Options section of the Task bar. Use the classic Windows style and "Apply to All Folders." Do not click "Hide extensions for known file types".

Tip 4: Remember to install the Bar Code font when installing APexpress.
If you do not install this font then an unwanted, large VIN will print on the window sticker. This unwanted VIN may even appear to be incomplete. You will find the Bar Code font file (3OF9_NEW.TTF) in your C:\apexpress folder.

Tip 5: JPG files should be created in the RGP color space.
This is the default for .jpg files. A printing error will result of you use another color space such as CMYK.

Tip 6: If you ever see a "Time Out" or "Connection Reset" error message when attempting to upload to the AutoPlus server, exit all programs and reboot your computer.
Also reset your modem. These errors are 99.9% of the time a result of a problem at your local computer or your Internet Service Provider. Call us if the problem is not corrected and we will also verify the server function.

Tip 7: You must install Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 on your computer if you are going to print the AutoPlus QR Code (Electronic Brochure Service) on your window stickers. If you are not going to use this QR feature, you can turn off the QR code option on your 'Sticker Design' screen in APExpress.

Tip 8: We recommend that you make frequent backups of your APExpress data. There is a button titled Backup Your Data on the Main Menu of APexpress that makes this fast and easy.

Tip 9: You should ALLOW APexpress to upload and download in your Firewall settings. This will enable you to download VIN and program updates from AutoPlus.

Tip 10: APExpress includes a Help link located in the upper left corner of every screen.


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