Hardware Specificiations


Minimum Equipment Requirements for AutoPlus Express Software: 

The AutoPlus System has been designed to be used with readily available computers, cameras, and iPhone and Android phones.
You do not have to buy expensive, dedicated computers and devices to use AutoPlus.

Computer: We recommend all versions of Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, and Windows7, 8 & 10 operating systems.
Minimum screen resolution is 1024 x 576.

If you wish to use the Internet features of AutoPlus Express, you will need a high-speed Internet connection.

Smart Phones: We have applications for the Apple iPhone and Android smart phones which include a barcode scanner function.
We recommend the iPhone 4 and later for best performance.

Any Windows printer will work for our Peel-off and Outside forms. A good quality ink jet printer is often the best choice.

Our optional new electronic-imaged forms require an ink jet, solid ink, dot matrix or other non-fuser printer. Our offset-printed
forms work in all printers including laser printers..

Power Inverter:
300Watt 12VDC TO 115 VAC power inverter (for mobile operation) should be sufficient for ink jet printer and notebook charger.
One with 2 outlets is best. They are available at most electronic and automotive stores.

Digital Camera: Any digital camera may be used. You only need a resolution of 640 x 480 or 1280 x 960 for upload to the Internet.
A digital camera is needed only if you wish to upload data and photos to the Internet. The cost is as low as $99.

AutoPlus Software Policies:

AutoPlus software products are designed to print only AutoPlus forms. Third party forms are supported at an additional fee. The sale of AutoPlus forms support our unlimited technical support, product development, custom design, and shipping services. A wide variety of custom window sticker form styles, colors, and artwork services are available at a nominal cost.
See About AutoPlus for our full warranty information.

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