Warranty and Policies


Warranty and Policies


Tanner Communications warrants that the AutoPlus System will function largely as outlined in the literature with the exception of minor defects which may exist in any software product. Such defects, when discovered, will be corrected in future product updates. If the software fails to operate, or is damaged after being put in service, Tanner Communications will replace the software, if defective, free of charge. Periodic product updates will be provided. Tanner Communications does not warrant uninterrupted or error free operation of any product. Tanner Communications does not warrant that any product supplied will meet your specific requirements. This replacement of software represents the entire liability of Tanner Communications and your exclusive remedy. AutoPlus software, and any modifications, additions or upgrades, are copyrighted and shall remain the sole property of Tanner Communications. Tanner Communications grants you a nonexclusive license to use this software on a single computer as provided for in this sale. You are not allowed to copy, make changes to, rent, sublicense, transfer, or lease any portion of this product. Any 3rd party software contained in this sale is subject to the restrictions and licensing of those manufacturers, and is supplied "AS IS" by Tanner Communications without any implied warranty. Under no circumstance is Tanner Communications, any of its agents, or employees liable for any of the following: Third party claims against you for damages; loss or damage to your records or data; economic consequential damages (including loss of profits or savings) or incidental damages even if we are informed of their possibility. You agree that you are responsible for the use of the products you acquire and any results obtained from them. You agree to hold harmless Tanner Communications, its employees, and agents from any and all claims associated with or resulting from the operation of your business and/or your use of the AutoPlus system. Specifically, AutoPlus and Tanner Communications is a software and accessories vendor and not a franchiser.
Refund Policy and Explanation:
We have found that there are two reasons for refund requests. The first is that the buyer simply gets cold feet after the purchase. The customer must be resolved that he will only accept success. Failure cannot be an option! This commitment to success must be made before purchasing AutoPlus product. If a person knows that he has an alternative, it will predispose that person to failure. We want EVERYONE to be successful therefore NO REFUNDS ARE AVAILABLE because you change your mind. The second reason for requesting a return is a technical problem with installing or enabling all of the many features of the software. We have found in 100% of the cases that installation problems are caused by an corrupted operating system or a computer that does not meet Microsoft/Intel specifications. In the case of a corrupted operating system the problem can be solved by removing and then reinstalling the full operating system. Equipment problems can occur when very old computers are upgraded to a newer operating system or when a custom builder takes shortcuts with hardware specifications. The AutoPlus Express software takes advantage of numerous Windows features and requires Windows'/Vista's full and proper operation. Currently AutoPlus Express, Deluxe, and Basic are designed for Windows XP, Vista and Windows7. If you have problems with the installation or operation of the AutoPlus software our technicians will work with you to promptly solve the problem. If a serious problem has not been resolved within 10 days and you have reinstalled your operating system and have actively worked with us to solve the problem, we will refund your purchase price upon the return of all materials. Adjustments will be made for returned materials that are unsuitable for restocking. Customer is responsible for return shipping and packaging costs. This policy has only been used twice in 21years because all other problems have been successfully resolved. Such problems are extremely rare. NO OTHER REFUNDS ARE AVAILABLE. No unauthorized returns will be accepted. This is a good policy and one that is vital for your success! Never look for an excuse to fail!

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AutoPlus is NOT a Business Opportunity. Success is up to you. We cannot guarantee your results. Regulations require that we make this fact clear. However, when we make a promise to you, we will keep it. You can depend on it!

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