NEW! Parking Lot Manager Web App for your internet devices


Parking Lot Manager

Designed for use on mobile internet devices, this web app can be used to monitor and track vehicles in one or more parking lots, on your street, or anywhere it's important to know the identity of the vehicles and whether they are authorized to be there.

- Use on Multiple Lots

- Share Data with Multiple Users

- In/Out one-touch Time stamp



Log in with this demo username and password:

username: 000
password: demo


Fast & Easy!

This app was created for managers of private parking areas at apartments, condos, or commercial buildings andfor neighborhood watch organizations. It’s a fast and easy way to keep track of a group of vehicles.

The user can enter a license plate number or ID. If the search button is tapped, the software will identify if the vehicle has been previously entered. The vehicle information can then be displayed. Tap Add Vehicle and a new record is created.


Additional information can be added such as color, plate number, parking space number and a detailed note. A photo of the car and/or license plate (or the car’s owner) can be added. A one-touch in/out time stamp is available.

The list of vehicles are displayed in a table and can be sorted by plate number, car make, lot or lot space number for quick review. A vehicle’s complete record can be displayed and edited by tapping on any entry from the list.

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